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On the Issues

My policies are based on three principles:

1) Concentrated power leads to corruption. Therefore, those in power need to be transparent and held accountable.

2) The responsibility of the government is to represent people, not corporations. Bill Gates gets a vote and a voice just like you. I am running to represent John and Jane, not Microsoft and Facebook.

3) Compassion is cost effective. Studies have shown that programs that are either universal or target those who struggle the most actually cost less than ignoring the problem at hand. In principle, I believe that all people, regardless of their choices or circumstances, deserve to be treated with dignity. And it turns out that not only is it morally correct, it is also the most economically beneficial position. 

Being Principled: What does that mean?

Being principled means that you believe in something, no matter what context. You hold your position without compromise, even if it is beneficial to the "other side." If you are against censorship on principle, you are against censorship of your opponents or those you disagree with. 

I try my best to be principled in my policies, no matter who it benefits. 

This is just a summary of my policies. More details will be added soon.


Whether you look at the political contributions or the legislation that gets passed, we can see that our elected officials, with the help of corporations and their lobbyists, are more concerned with benefiting themselves instead of representing the people. Term limits, bans on the "rotating door" of lobbyists, and banning of stock ownership by members of Congress is just the start of undoing the harm that corruption has had on our system.     Read More


We pay the most for healthcare out of all industrialized countries. The high cost is not associated with higher quality, either. The reason? Private insurance companies stand as a middleman between you and your doctor. Private insurance runs significantly higher overhead costs compared to Medicare, due in part to their CEOs making millions a year while denying care to their clients. This must change. Read More


We need an economy that works for everyone. Currently, it is the working class that is driving our economy. However, they are not the ones benefiting from the fruits of their labor. Our current system is designed to reward companies who lay off employees, cut benefits, and move overseas. We need a people-based economy that recognizes that the stronger our working class is, the stronger our country is. 

Foreign Policy

The United States has been at war for 228 years out of the 246 years since the founding of the country.  The United States has also been intimately involved of the politics of other governments, leading to further conflict. The US needs to scale back involvement in all countries and only intervene on issues of national security. Any humanitarian crisis that may arise should only involve the United States if it is done multilaterally with the United Nations and other countries.  

Civil Rights

The Constitution and The Supreme Court has codified a trove of civil rights that apply to all citizens. It is important that those rights are protected and maintained. That includes the right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, as well as protections against government overreach on issues like mass surveillance and civil asset forfeiture. 

Worker's Rights

Employers hold an uneven amount of power over their workers, be it their schedule, their dress code, their pay, or their benefits. It is important that worker's rights are protected, as a way to balance out that power imbalance. Worker's rights to unionize in particular needs to be protected. It is unions that brought us the five day work week, overtime, and other important workplace protections. 


The necessity for clean air and water is self-evident. These are public goods that should not be polluted or exploited. We cannot drink poisoned water or breathe in toxic air. 

We need to end government handouts to large corporations that bring in billions of dollars in profit every year and invest in energy production that will move the country forward and make us competitive with other industrialized countries. 

Local Government

Democracy is the strongest at the local level. My mayor knows who I am. My state senator knows who I am. These elected officials represent tens of thousands of people instead of hundreds of thousands or even millions. For citizens to properly have their voices heard and to get involved, government needs to be local . We need to find a balance that allows local governments and states to have strong autonomy while maintaining the civil rights of all Americans. 

Term Limits

Despite the fact that Congress' approval rating floats around 9-20%, they get re-elected over 90% of the time. Why? The incumbent advantage. Incumbents inherently hold more power than their challengers. Even if their constituents are less than satisfied with their performance, they will get re-elected anyway. In order to combat the incumbent advantage and accumulation of power by politicians, I support placing term limits on the House of Representatives and the Senate. Read more to learn how.

Third Parties

"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." -John Adams

I agree with John Adams, which is why I support Third Parties having just as much political access as the Democratic and Republic Parties. Read More

Right to Repair

Whether it is an iPhone or a John Deere tractor, you should have the right to repair the things that you own. Currently, manufacturers are forcing consumers to use their in-house service centers instead of being able to repair the items themselves or using a third-party repair shop. I support Congress' bill to combat these issues and to give consumers the Right to Repair. 

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